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We understand that everybody starts somewhere and coming to the Altona gym should be inspirational and motivating, not intimidating or judgmental. Every trainer at Westgate is here to support you and help you on your fitness journey. Whether you’re a beginner, a regular gym goer, or need some help to get back on track with your fitness goals, we’re here to make sure you have fun, and see results!

For our experienced members you have access to train with Australian Level Powerlifters who can guarantee on-going progression with world class technique!


Our fully qualified trainers can help you build muscle, lose weight, become stronger, pre-emptively avoid injury’s, imbalances, work around pre-existing injury’s or just mix up your usual routine and keep you motivated and focused on your health, fitness, progression and well-being.

$49.95 PT PACK

First time members also receive an exclusive offer to a PT pack that consists of 2 Personal Training sessions for only $49.95, valued at $110. You will receive a full fitness assessment and tailored training program so you can crush your goals!



our fitness professionals

Here at Westgate Health Club we believe that everyone is entitled to live a healthy lifestyle and we are committed to helping anyone willing, regardless of experience, race, gender, religion or sexuality.



Corey formosa

With over 5 years in the industry and a decade of training experience! A State level powerlifter and aspiring national, Starting at 65kg at 6 foot Corey has first hand experience how to make progress happen. He has also coached many individuals to some great strength standards including a 200kg deadlift, 200kg squat and 140kg bench.

When it comes to leaning down, maintaining weight, gaining weight and improving overall athletic performance Corey is at the top of his field.

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“Success is the result of smart programming, good practice and adherence to diet and lifestyle choices over time. Anyone with the will can make great progress.”
– Corey Formosa

  • strongman
  • body compisition optimisation
  • athletic performance
  • certificate 3 & 4 in fitness